Casinos in or near Lakeside, California CA

[HIRING] 40 Jobs in CA Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Centerline Driver CDL Class A Truck Driver Hawaiian Gardens
Centerline Driver CDL Class A Truck Driver Marina Del Rey
Centerline Driver CDL Class A Truck Driver Moorpark
Morongo Casino Resort and Spa Bartender - Beverage (Part-Time) Cabazon
Morongo Casino Resort and Spa Assistant Shift Manager - Slots Cabazon
Morongo Casino Resort and Spa Casino Housekeeper Cabazon
Torrid Customer Insights Manager City Of Industry
Torrid Manager, Systems Engineering City Of Industry
The Home Depot Freight/Receiving Lake Forest
LHC Group Physical Therapist $5,000 Bonus Redding
LHC Group Occupational Therapist $5,000 Bonus Redding
John Muir Health RN-Educator-Case Management & Social Services - Utilization Management Walnut Creek
The Save Mart Companies Pharmacy Manager (Pharmacist) Bakersfield
The Save Mart Companies Meat Manager Citrus Heights
The Home Depot Freight/Receiving Escondido
The Home Depot Cashier Lakeside
The Save Mart Companies Pharmacy Manager (Pharmacist) Lemoore
Roche Principal User Experience Designer Belmont
Ikea Temporary Warehouse Associate Base Rate $16.97 3rd Shift Lebec
Montage Health Nurse Practitioner - Palliative Care Monterey
Montage Health Nurse Practitioner Per Diem - MoGo Urgent Care Monterey
Catalyst Kids School Age Program - Teacher South Lake Tahoe
Catalyst Kids Substitute Teacher South Lake Tahoe
Catalyst Kids Preschool Program - Associate Teacher South Lake Tahoe
Northrop Grumman Principal/Sr. Principal Test Engineer CURRENT/ACTIVE CLEARANCE REQUIRED Northridge
Northrop Grumman Flight Test Engineer Palmdale
Northrop Grumman Electronics Engineer - Principal (Space/Satellite) - (Top Secret/SCI Clearance) Pasadena
YRC Freight Truck Driver CDL A Needed! Bell
YRC Freight Truck Driver CDL A - Great Home Time Big Bear
YRC Freight Truck Driver CDL A Needed! North Palm Springs
Hogan Transportation Class A CDL Car Haul Truck Drivers American Canyon
Hogan Transportation Class A CDL Car Haul Truck Drivers Angels Camp
Hogan Transportation CDL A Drivers - Car Haul - $24.00/Hour - Home Daily Angelus Oaks
Home Depot Freight/Receiving Aptos
Calpine Operator Technician II King City
Ricoh USA Legal Receptionist & Switchboard Newport Beach
Home Depot Cashier Rancho Santa Fe
Home Depot Cashier Rancho San Diego
Amerit Fleet Solutions Refrigeration Technician - 1st Shift Tracy
Reddaway Trucking Truck Driver CDL A Acampo
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ca. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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I have compiled all the data from this sub and broken down who is out and who is still in play, I will update this list daily until the lineup is released.

Edit 4/4: The lineup has dropped, bold denotes acts playing
This is a list of acts that are potentially in and are most certainly out for OSLs 2017, I mostly stuck to notable names so that I only had to turn over hundreds of rocks rather than thousands. I intend to update this list via edit from now until the lineup drop (within 30 days at this point I should think). If you want to add someone to this list just comment below and I will modify the list and credit your handle next to the edit. If you want to find someone in particular quickly I suggest you use ctrl F.
Out due to gigs at AT&T Park/Levi's Stadium in San Francisco and Santa Clara CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Oracle arena in Oakland CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the SAP Center in San Jose CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Golden One Center in Sacramento CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Concord Pavilion in Concord CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Greek Theatre in Berkley CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Masonic in San Francisco CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Fox theater in Oakland CA (May through November)
Edit 4/3/17 (undeadsinatra) added: Out due to gigs at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga CA (May through November
Out due to gigs at the Warfield in San Francisco CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Fillmore in San Francisco CA (May through November)
Out due to playing Bottlerock in Napa CA (May 26th-28th, this is just the first several lines)
Out due to playing Santa Cruz American music festival in Santa Cruz CA (May 27th & 28th)
Out due to playing Colossal Clusterfest in San Francisco CA (June 2nd-4th)
Out due to playing Phono Del Sol Music and Food Festival in San Francisco CA (June 17th)
Out due to playing Id1ot Fest in Mountain View CA (June 24th & 25th)
Out due to playing Burger Boogaloo in Oakland CA (July 1st & 2nd)
Out due to playing San Jose Jazz Summer Fest in San Jose CA (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing Flow festival in Finland (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing Boardmasters festival in the UK (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing Way out West festival in Sweden (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing Smukfest in Denmark (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing Oya Festival in Norway (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing SonneMondSterne Festival in Germany (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing Boomtown Fair in the UK (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing Haven Festival in Denmark (same weekend as OSLs)
Probably out due to Sziget Festival in Hungary (same weekend as OSLs, note that this festival is seven days long and therefore it is possible that some of the names below will make it to OSLs, we'll know more when the day by day breakdown comes out)
The following are acts that were in the first six lines of OSLs in 2015 and 2016 that are not already ruled out above and can safely be assumed out for this year.
Others that are out
Edit 3/11/17 added: The following are acts that played bay area gigs the same year as an OSLs appearance
Edit 3/13/17 added: The following is a list of returnees and the gaps between return performances
No gap
Three year gap
Four year gap
Five year gap
Seven year gap
Eight year gap
The following are acts that are still in play that have been mentioned in this sub since January 1st, this does not mean that every name below is necessarily likely so much as not eliminated.
Potential Headliners
Potential Undercard
Edit 3/13/17 added: Past lineup drop dates:
Edit 3/27/17 added: Confirmations
Electric guest: Confirmed on 3/27/17 by A_lonerist
Metallica: Confirmed on 3/29/17 by Ranger Dave and first reported by r-fitz_24
Empire of the Sun Confirmed on 3/29/17 by Ranger Dave and first reported by 0kvn_prz0
Sofi Tucker Confirmed on 3/29/17 by Ranger Dave and first reported by IrateDesperado
Acts that were mentioned by no one that ended up on the lineup (in order of appearance)
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List of Structures & Landmarks ( Fantasy World )

Structure / Landmark Names:
Abattoir (slaughterhouse)
Academy (+ alchemist, arcane, artificer’s, bards, healers, mages, military, naval, royal, science)
Ale House (tavern)
Altar (deity, element, power, environment, luck, magic, old one, outsider, sacrificial, spirit, etc)
Arena (+ gladiatorial, music, performance, racing, sports)
Auction House
Battle Ground
Black Market, Underground Market
Board (+ message, quest)
Boom Chain - harbor chain or river chain used to block boats. Operated from a chain tower
Bridge (Covered Bridge, Draw Bridge, Rope Bridge, Sky Bridge)
Brothel, House of Ill Repute
Burial Mound
Cache (+ pirates, rebel, smugglers, thieves)
Caer / Cair (stronghold)
Caravan (wagons)(+ merchant, military, nomads, pilgrims, prison, refugee, settlers, slavers)
Caravanserai (inn / outfitter for caravans)
Casino, Gambling Hall
Cellar (+ root, storm, wine)
Chain Tower - tower used to raise or lower a boom chain (harbor or river chain)
Circle of Stones
Circle of Wagons
Cliff Dwellings
Coach House
College (+ alchemist, arcane, bards, healers, mages, naval, of artificers, of science, royal)
Conservatory (greenhouse)
Convent, Nunnery
Corral (cattle, horse, livestock)
Covered Walkway
Croft (rented farmhouse & land)
Den (+ assassins, drug, gambling, hookah, opium, smugglers, thieves)
Dig Site (fossils, minerals, ruins)
Dock (boat, ship, airship)
Dojo, Sparring Hall, Training Hall
Drug (+ den, lounge, parlor)
Dugout, Pit-House
Dungeon, Jail, Prison
Embassy (+ country, race, realm, world)
Executioners Block
Farm (animal, crop, dairy, share croppers)
Fighting Pit
Flotilla (+ town, village, city)
Fort, Fortress (+ coastal, island, mountain, sea / wooden, stone, metal)
Fortifications (cheval de frise, moat, palisade, towers, trench, wall, wooden stakes)
Gallows, Gibbet
Gambling (+ den, hall, lounge, parlor), Casino
Garden, Gardens (+ crop*, flower, hanging, herb, mushroom, rock, rooftop, sculpture, zen)
Gate, Gates
Gate House
Giant (+ construct, golem, idol, mecha, statue)
Gibbet, Gallows
Grange - farmhouse & outbuildings
Grave (+ fresh, marker, mass, open, site, stone, vacated, yard)
Grave Yard
Grounds (+ burial, fair, parade, sacred, tourney, training)
Guard House
Guard Post
Guild, Guild Hall, Guild House
Hall (+ city, gambling, guild, mead, meeting, music, opera, town, training)
Hanging Tree, Hangmans Tree
Hatchery (animal, beast, monster)
Hedge Maze
Hookah (+ bar, den, lounge, parlor)
Horreum (warehouse)
Hostel (bed & breakfast)
House (+ bath, boat, coach, coffee, farm, guard, guest, guild, long, manor, opera, ritual, safe, smoke, summer, tea, theater, turf, winter)
House of Ill Repute, Brothel
Hut, Huts (adobe, cloth, earthen, grass, hide, ice, mud, snow, stone, straw, wood)
Jail, Dungeon, Prison
Library (+ arcane, great, royal)
Lift (wench & platform)
Lock, Locks (waterway)
Lodge (+ hunting, masons, medicine, porters, safari, secret society*, sweat, wardens)
Lyceum - hall for public lectures
Machinery (from bygone age or civilization / size – cart, building, town)
Magical Construct (energy construct, giant levitating crystal, moving sculpture, rune stones, sigil stones)
Marker Stone (border stone, boundary stone)
Market, Market Place, Market Square
Market Stall, Street Stall
Massage Parlor
Mead Hall
Messenger Pigeon Loft
Mews (row or courtyard of stables and carriage houses with living quarters above them)
Midden (+ heap, mound, pile)
Mine, Mines (coal, crystal [normal, magic], gem stone [normal, magic], guano, metal [normal, magic], mineral [normal, magic], salt, substance)
Mission (place for missionary work)
Moat (+ dry, lava, mud, quicksand, spiked, tar, water)
Mound (+ burial, ceremonial, midden, shell, temple)
Music Hall
Nunnery, Convent
Opera Hall / Opera House
Opium Den
Parade Grounds, Training Grounds
Parlor, Parlour (drug, massage, tattoo)
Pen, Pens (+ animal, monster, slave)
Pillar, Pillars
Pit (+ dwelling, fighting, monster, prison, slave)
Prison, Dungeon, Jail
Public Square
Pyre (+ funeral)
Quarry (crystal, magic crystal, metal, mineral, stone, substance)
Ranch (animal, monster)
Redoubt (temporary fortification)
Reflecting Pool, Reflection Pool
Road, Roads (cobblestone, dirt, paved / + abandoned, cross, main, rural)
Root Cellar
Ruin, Ruins
Rune Stone
Sally Port (secure, controlled entry way to a fortification or prison)
Sculpture (+ large, giant, garden, scale city model)
Sea Gate
Sea Wall
Sewer, Sewers
Shanty Town
Ship Graveyard
Shipyard, Shipyards
Shrine (deity, druidic, element, power, environment, guardian, luck, magic, old one, outsider, spirit, etc)
Siege Tower
Sign Post
Site (+ building, camp, construction, dig, excavation, grave, ritual)
Slaughter House
Sparring Hall, Dojo, Training Hall
Square (+ market, public, town)
Statue (Idol, large, giant, guardian, monument)
Steading (farmstead, homestead)
Storehouse, Warehouse
Street Vendors, Market Stall, Street Stall ( alcove, booth, cart, stall, stand, tent)
Sun Dial
Sunken (city, ruins, ship, temple)
Supply Post
Symbol (coat of arms, emblem, flag, ritual circle, rune, seal, sigil, symbol, ward)
Taphouse (inn / tavern with liquor on tap)
Tea House
Tent City (+ merchant, military, nomads, pilgrims, refugee, settlers, squatters)
Theater House
Totem Pole
Tourney Field / Tournament Field
Tower (+ bell, chain, clock, guard, peel, siege, signal, watch, wizard)
Trade Route
Trading Post
Training Grounds, Parade Grounds
Training Hall, Dojo, Sparring Hall
Tree House
Tree Town
Trench (+ spiked)
University (+ alchemist, arcane, artificer’s, bards, healers, mages, naval, of science, royal)
Villa (large country house / estate)
Wall (+ barrier, breached, city, earthen, great, inner, outer, sea, stone, town)
Warehouse, Storehouse
Watch Tower
Water Mill
Well (+ artesian, covered, dry, house, of magic, water)
Well House
Work Camp
Yurt (round tent covered in skins or felt, used by nomads)
Zoo (mundane, rare, exotic, magical, alien - creatures)
Structure Mods: (structure type + mod)
Architectural Influence - Arabic, Asian, European, Germanic, Mexican, Turkish, Fantasy Culture, etc
Aware - animated / sentient / genius loci / benevolent / hostile / mischievous
Built Over - ancient ruins, battle ground, cave system, grave site, magical nexus, mines, portal, prison, temple, tomb, well of magic
Dimensional Anomaly - structure appears in a fixed location. appears & disappears at certain time or during certain events
Ghostly / Out of phase - structure can be seen but is intangible
Magic - absorbing, amplified magic, anti-magic, cursed, divine, infernal, magically (sealed, warded), recharge mana, reduced magic, wild magic
State - ½ buried, abandoned, barricaded, burned, collapsed, condemned, cursed, desecrated, flooded, for sale, haunted, hidden, infested, leaning, overgrown, ransacked, recently excavated, ruined, sacred, sunken, under construction
Unusual Feature - clockwork, front for “x”, hidden by illusion, levitating, mobile, on stilts, shape shifting door
Unusual Material - crystal, earth, ice, living plants, metal, monster (bone, carapace, hide, scale, shell), pykrete (ice + cotten), resin, shaped stone
Wandering - structure occasionally moves to a new location / locomotion - deconstructs & rebuilds at new location, levitating, sliding, teleportation, walking
Administration - ?
Business - market, merchant, “x” industry, trade, trader
Entertainment - arena, opera, poet, theater
Leadership - council, palace, senate
Location - canal, (n, s, e, w) gate, harbor, hill, plateau, under town, waterside
Magic - ?
Military - garrison, soldier
New vs Old - old town
Religion - temple
Social Status - royal, noble, upper class, lower class, slums / platinum, gold, silver, iron, copper / diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, jade
What it’s known for - fish, of bells, spice
Guilds: adventurers, alchemist, artisans, assassins, bankers, bards, bounty hunters, caravan trade, couriers, courtesans, craftsman, demon hunters, explorers, fighters, mage, mage hunters, masons, merchants, mercenary, miners, monster hunters, monster trainers, peace keepers, relic hunters, thieves, thief hunters, tinkerers, trade, treasure hunters, warriors, witch hunters, wizards
Offices: archivist, barrister, city hall, constable, courier, guards, guild (type), harbor master, information broker, magistrate, money changer, money lender, port authority, public records, scribe, sheriff, town hall, transportation (dirigible / magic flying ship / magic portal / stagecoach / teleportation / train), wardens
Shops: alchemist, animal trainer, apothecary, armorer, artificer, baker, barber, blacksmith, boatwright, book store, bowyer, butcher, candle maker, candy, carpenter, cheesemonger, clothier, cobbler, cooper, curio, druggist, dyer, enchanter, fishmonger, fletcher, fortune teller, general store, glass blower, hat, healer, herbalist, incense, jeweler, leather worker, lock smith, magic shop, mapmaker, mask, mercer (textiles), metal smith (gold, silver, copper, pewter), miller, oil merchant, oracle, outfitters, paper maker, pawn, perfume, pet shop, pharmacist, potter, rope maker, rug shop, sailwright, seer, shipwright, spice, stone mason, sundries, tailor, talismonger, tanner, tattoo parlor, tea shop, thatcher, tinkerer, travel office, wainwright (cartwright), weaver, ward maker, weapon smith, wig maker
Useful Links:
City Building:
d100 Architectural Styles
d100 City Streets, Squares and other City Areas
d100 Inn Oddities
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d100 Things for which a region is famous
d100 Town / City Landmarks
d100 Towns & Cities with backstories
Town Names
d100 Towns & Villages
d100 Town Exports
Bones of the Tarrasque - random small town generator
Collaborative Gamer - System for creating towns
Lets Build a City
Medieval Civilization Generator
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Single City Campaign
Strategy Games City Generator
Super Quick Guide for City Building
Text Based Town Description Generator
Why a city is famous
World Building Partial Names
World Building Flow Chart
Medieval Occupations
List of fantasy Occupations
List of NPC Motivations
List of Negative Personality Traits
List of Positive Personality Traits
List of NPC Desires
List of NPC Fears
List of NPC Quirks
List of NPC Secrets
Negatherium - NPC Generator
NPC Generator
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Map Makers / Generators:
Arkenforge - Maps & Tools
AutoREALM - Map Maker
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Dyson Logos - Free Maps
Kanka - World Building Tools - Free
Kassoon - House Generator
Map Hammer - Map Tiles
Northern Cartography - Free Maps
Photoshop - Battle Map Tutorial
Pyromancers - Dungeon Painter Studio
RPG Inferno Tools - topdown simple map creator
RPG Land Maps - 3D topdown maps of Villages, Towns, and Cities
VTT Wiki - Mapping Making Software
Watabou - Medieval Fantasy City Map Generator
Watabou - Medieval Fantasy City Map Generator 2
3D Terrain Stores:
3D Printable Terrain
Corvus Games Terrain
Imperial Terrain
Infinite Dimensions Games
OTP Terrain & Miniatures
Printable Scenery
RPG Tools / Random Generators:
Donjon - RPG Tools / Random Generators
Dungeon Masters Vault - RPG Tools / Random Generators
Oh My GameMaster - towns, shops, NPCs, traps
Wizardawn - NPC, Shop, Inventory Generator
List of Map Tools & Generators
Battle Maps:
Ancient Dungeon
Anglers Wharf
Bandit Hideout
Breakwater Docks
Bridge Border Crossing
Bridge Checkpoint
Caravan Camp
Castle Donan
City Canal
City Tavern
Derion Graveyard
Desert Oasis
Desert Street Alley
Dungeon Living Quarters
Farming Village
Forester's House
Forest Shack
Fort Construction
Fortified Settlement
Garden Temple
Goldleaf Abby
Great Library
Green Bastion
Jodak's Mill
Jungle Camp
Marble Quarry
Monster Festival
Mountain Cottage
Mountain Monastery
Mountain Temple
Pirate Tavern
Rocky Harbor
Royal Museum
Ruins of the abyss
Sacred Grove
Sanguine Inn at night
Seaside Bastion
Serene Lakeside
Shrine of the Sanguine
Sky Bridge
Taxidermy Parlour
Temple above the clouds
The Cabin
The Fighting Pit
Titan Rigger Map
Travellers Guild Hall
Underdark Trading Outpost
Village Graveyard
Village Street
Witch's Cottage
City / Town Maps:
Anchorage Isle
City of Mul'Domar
City of Twyrif
Coastal Town
Cursed Village
Port Abadon
Port Town
Sulari Capital
Swamp of Bullwugs
Town of Jarlang
Town of Tharg
Cities with backstories
Culture Generator
List of Environments & Geological Formations
tartarianarchitecture - architecture pics
Edit - last edit 01/07/2021
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Lakeside Inn and Casino in Lake Tahoe BBHcrew2009 - YouTube 04-02-2020 One Killed in Crash Near Lakeside Casino - YouTube Somkhith-A family's dinner at Barona Resort and Casino Lakeside CA May 29, 2016

Barona Resort & Casino: Casino Visit amid COVID-19 - See 332 traveler reviews, 150 candid photos, and great deals for Barona Resort & Casino at Tripadvisor. Escape to the ultimate southern California entertainment destination with thrilling casino gaming, finely crafted cuisine and comfortable deluxe hotel accommodations at Barona Resort & Casino! Lakeside Hotel & Casino in Osceola, Iowa has inexpensive rooms, fun casino games, and world class entertainment and is only 45 minutes away from Des Moines. Barona Resort & Casino: Average Casino, Excellent food in the cafe, - See 332 traveler reviews, 150 candid photos, and great deals for Barona Resort & Casino at Tripadvisor. Casino in Lakeside, CA. About Search Results. About Search Results. YP - The Real Yellow Pages SM - helps you find the right local businesses to meet your specific needs. Search results are sorted by a combination of factors to give you a set of choices in response to your search criteria. These factors are similar to those you might use to determine which business to select from a local ... Property data for 1 Lakeside Drive, Casino, NSW 2470. Get sold price history for this house & median property prices for Casino, NSW 2470 Only 20 miles away for this casino, the Barona Resort & Casino of Lakeside is a huge resort featuring thousands of slot machines and a great deal of gaming tables such as Rapid Roulette, Three Card Poker, Free Bet Blackjack, Craps or Let it Ride. After betting, players can relax in one of the 8 restaurants available within the complex. Read more about Barona Valley Ranch Resort & Casino in Lakeside, CA. Bombay Coast. Bombay Coast is located approximately 20 miles from Lakeside. Visit Bombay Coast at 4705 Cairemont Dr. Suite G. If you need more information, call them: (858) 270-0309. Read more about Bombay Coast in San Diego, CA. Casino Concepts. Casino Concepts is located approximately 19 miles from Lakeside. Casino Concepts ... Lakeside, CA 92040. JK. This is such a fun place to learn! And so much cheaper than other local schools! I was trained 1 on 1 and was able to complete my training in 3… 3. Gold City Casino Online. Casinos Card Playing Rooms (1) Website More Info. Serving the Lakeside Area. EW. I don't understand what you're asking me. 4. Absolute Casino. Casinos Contractors Equipment Rental Meeting & Event ... When you’re ready to take a break, Lakeside Hotel and Casino gives you plenty of options. If you’re looking to sit down and satisfy a big appetite, we’ve got a table for you at the Heartland Café. This buffet eatery has something delicious for everyone. Or, if you’re looking to kick back with a snack or appetizer, our Sports Bar ...

[index] [29113] [32331] [28549] [14185] [12307] [4272] [31243] [15223] [12078] [29640]

Lakeside Inn and Casino in Lake Tahoe

Barona Casino Lakeside, CA. to Tina's House @ Ramona, CA. by Ninong VHEY. 3:04 🎰Barona Casino - Lion Dance- Lunar New Year & Seafood Buffet by Nắng Ấm Cali. 6:27. Somkhith-A family's dinner ... Barona casino . Lakeside ca. Gambling Videos with Local Max bet slot players 1:20. Barona Casino Days with JImRock ... For - Duration: 80 seconds. BBHcrew2009. 488 views ... Here you'll find videos filmed @ Barona my favorite casino in San Diego. This will be this years videos. Hope you guys enjoy them. Pleas don't forget to :( 👍... Somkhith-A family's dinner at Barona Resort and Casino Lakeside CA May 29, 2016 - Duration: 23:51. ... Barona Casino Part 1/3🍣Triple Double Diamond Slot, BLAZING 7s Double Slot & BLAZING 7s ... Nevada Highway Patrol is investigating a deadly two-car crash in Pahrump. One person was killed and two others seriously hurt when two cars collided at the ... Lakeside Inn and Casino has everything you need when you're looking for a place to say in Lake Tahoe! Good prices, great location and always a friendly welco... This video is about Somkhith-A family's dinner at Barona Resort and Casino Lakeside CA May 29, 2016.